AMT 6350 Printer Problems Solved for ADP CDK & Reynolds Systems

AMT 6350 for ADP CDK Reynold RR F&I Forms printing
If you have an AMT 6350 printer in use in your auto dealership operation and you know it is critical to keep this unit running.  When the printer fails, you will likely need to have a spare unit on hand or you are stuck and cannot print any paperwork for your pending deals.  We have a repair solution for you to solve printer problems you may be experiencing, and we repair these printers for dealerships all across the USA and Canada.

Here are some of the most common printing problems that occur with the AMT 6350

  • Printing too far left
  • Printing too far right
  • Paper jams
  • Printer makes a grinding noise
  • Print head grinds when moving
  • The print head slams to the left or right

Our repair facility has been repairing these AMT models for over 30 years and is ready to offer you a quick turnaround on your repair.  The most cost effective option is to buy an extra printer as a “hot spare” to swap out when your unit has a problem.  You wouldn’t drive a car without a spare tire would you?  The same holds true for your finance and insurance printer.  Why pay a monthly fee to have your printer serviced onsite when you can get a spare printer and keep it onsite for less?  We can assist in troubleshooting simple problems over the phone. Talk to us, we can give you advice on service issues and cost saving strategies.

If you have printers that need repaired, you can submit your repair request online. We will reply with an RMA number and instructions on sending in your unit. Submit your request.

If you need to purchase spare units, print heads or ribbons visit our Auto Dealer product page to place an order online.

Some of the more simple repairs can be performed by most users such as replacing the print head.  We offer AMT print heads on our advance exchange program. The exchange program allows us to send a completely rebuild print head to your location right away.  You can have it the next morning if it’s an emergency.  Once you receive it, we can walk you through the replacement over the phone, and you have 30 days to mail back your old one back to us.  Pretty easy, huh?  Here is where you can order print heads at

AMT 6350 Printhead

AMT 6350 Printhead

If you are a user of Lexmark printers, as many dealerships are, be sure to checkout our YouTube channel for videos on how to replace fusers and maintenance kits.

Drop us an email at or you can live chat with us at or call 800-570-4533 to answer any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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