Diagnosing Texas Instruments and Genicom 8920, 8930 & ADP400 Problems

Diagnosing 8920 & 8930 problems:

Problem/customer complaint Possible corrective action
1. Doesn’t see paper loaded/installed.
2. Printhead slams and grinds.
(No home position)
3. Gets margin errors.
1st: Clean and/or replace optical sensor.
2nd: Replace upper/right printhead cable.
4. Paper jamming under printhead. 1st: Check printhead shield for bends or rough edges.
(Replace if necessary.)
2nd: Check for proper mounting of optical sensor.
3rd: Clean and/or replace optical sensor.
4th: Clean/replace lower rollers (8930 only).
5. No carriage (printhead) movement.
6. No pins firing on printhead.
(No dots on paper/all pins dead)
Replace driver board.
7. No paper advance. 1st: Replace driver board.
2nd: 8930 only: check setup for tractor feed enabled.
8. Printer shuts down (powers off) after 3-4 seconds. 1st: Remove power supply from printer and power up separately.
Observe the green LED:
ON – Replace driver board.
OFF – Replace power supply
9. Won’t communicate with host or prints garbage. 1st: Check all setup parameters and interface cables.
2nd: Replace logic board.
10. Some pins not firing. 1st: Replace printhead.
2nd: Replace upper and/or lower printhead cable
3rd: Replace driver board.
11. Touch pad inoperable.
No display or partial display.
1st: Replace control panel.
12. No ribbon advance. 1st: Replace ribbon tray assembly.

Complete list of 8920, 8930 & ADP400 spare parts

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