Installing the fuser maintenance kit and rollers in the Dell 2330dn 2350dn 3330dn

Dell 2330dn 2350dn 3330dn

Dell 2330dn 2350dn 3330dn

We put together a short in-house video on how to install the fuser maintenance kit in the Dell 2330 2350 3330 series printers.

This video shows you how to install these items and I have linked these items to our store below. DELL-N821D Fuser unit
DELL-N821D-MK Maintenance kit
(There is also a photo in the online store as a reference.)



You can order these parts on our Dell maintenance kit product page.

This is a fairly easy process to install these items and you only need a phillips head screw driver. You can pause and rewind if we go too fast during the step by step installation instructions or call us if you have any questions.  1-800-570-4533

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