Genicom 3810 3840 printhead ribbon cable installation

Instructions to Replace 38xx Ribbon Cable(s)

Turn off printer and remove power cord.

Remove top access cover.

Remove main top cover.

-Loosen, but do not remove the  2 screws that hold the rear cover straps. Remove straps and rear cover.

-There are four tabs to release- 2 under the front and 2 on inner part of top cover near        where screws were loosened. Push in on these while lifting slowly upward.  When all   4 are released, slowly lift the top cover. The top cover had a cable attached to the       control panel. If possible, position something like a small  box in front of the printer so the top cover caqn set with the cable still attached.

Remove the Printhead. Below is the connector attached to the two ribbon cables. Loosen the screw on the left and remove it with the plastic wedge clanp and save. There should also be some sort of a stretchable boot or clamp you need to remove to the right on this.

At the left, the two  ribbon cables attach to one of the circuit boards. Examine the cables, and mark them or make a drawing to show which plugs in on top/bottom and left and right. It is important that these are re-installed correctly on the new cable. . Once released, gently remove the old cables.  Reverse the process to install new cables

When re-installing the main top cover, gently move it into place and gently push down. Make sure the washers on the screws you loosened are on the outside, near the head of the screw.

parts for Genicm 3810 and 3840 available here.