How to install the Dell B5460dn fuser maintenance kit

Dell B5460dn printer |

We just released our latest how-to video installation instructions.  This video covers the Dell B5460dn and it’s very similar MFP model the Dell B5465dnf.  The covers are slightly different on the MFP model but the overall procedure is the same.  The video will help you quickly install the following parts below:


  • DELL-B5460-MK  Maintenance Kit for Dell B5460dn and B5465dnf
  • DELL-18DVM Fuser kit
  • DELL-RRP09  Paper Pick Roller
  • DELL-PH15C Transfer Roller
  • DELL-TTTYK Separation

We can also assist over the phone with technical support on installing these items. The maintenance kit can be ordered on our Dell fuser and maintenance kit page.

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The end of the video also shows how to perform a reset on the maintenance counter.  Here is the quick summary on resetting the counter:

  1.  Hold in the #2 and  #6 and power on the printer.
  2. Hold the keys for about 10-15 seconds while it is powering up.
  3. The config menu will appear and then arrow down to “Reset Maintenance Counter”
  4. Press “OK”  on  Reset Maintenance Counter.
  5. Arrow to “Exit Config Menu” and press “OK”
  6. The printer will reset and come back up in the ready state.

If you don’t need the full maintenance kit we also offer a roller kit for these models and
here is a store link to order:

Dell B5460dn and B5465dnf roller kit

Dell B5460dn and B5465dnf roller kit

The roller kit is very easy to install and the video also covers the installation of each piece. The kit has pickup rollers and separation roller replacements for up to three trays and one transfer roller in the main unit. You want to be sure not to handle the transfer roller with your bare hands as the oil from your skin will damage to surface and possibly leave a mark on printed pages.  The transfer roller does come with a paper wrapper which is easily slipped off with a pull tab once you snap it into place.



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