Installing the Dell 5330dn fuser maintenance kit and rollers

Dell 5330dn

Dell 5330dn

The installation process is very easy and requires no experience and just a screw driver.

This video covers parts the installation process for these parts below.  The parts are linked to online store if you need to check pricing:

 DELL-HW679 — FUSER, 110V, 5330DN

The 5330 maintenance kit includes the fuser, paper pickup roller for tray 1 and the transfer roller.
A full list of  Dell fuser and maintenance kits can be viewed here.

On occasion the printer will not automatically reset the fuser counter. You can also reset the fuser counter as follows:

Dell 5330dn Fuser Count Reset

1. Check printer is powered on.
2. Wait until the printer becomes a ready mode.
3. Press Menu -> Up -> Left -> Ok -> Right ->Cancel ->Menu

Then this will appear
Tech menu
User Menu

4. Select the Tech Menu,
5. Down arrow to Data Setup press check
6. Down arror to Clear Fuser Count and press check

Power on and off the printer after you Clear Fuser count.
Print a configuration from the reports menu to verify the fuser count 0.

You need to press keys in a quick sequence. If you are too slow it
won’t work.  Don’t look at the display – just hit the keys.
Menu -> Up -> Left -> Ok -> Right ->Cancel ->Menu

Then this will appear
Tech menu
User Menu