Lexmark MS710 MS711 fuser maintenance kit and roller installation instructions

Lexmark MS710 MS711 printer
Here is a short video on how to install the MS710 and MS711 maintenance kit, fuser, roller and reset the maintenance counter.  This video covers the installation of the following Lexmark parts.  The parts are linked to our online store if you need to order them.
40X8530 maintenance kit for MS710 MS711
40X8503 fuser kit for MS710 MS711
40X7582 transfer roller
40X7593 pickup roller
40X7713 separation roller
If you see any of the following messages it’s time to install a new maintenance kit:
80 Replace maintenance kit
80 Maintenance kit — end of life
80 Maintenance kit — late warning
80 Maintenance kit — low
80 Maintenance kit — nearly low
81 Roller kit — end of life

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